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The 8 Dimensions of Learning Power

Ruth Crick

Given the measurement and assessment challenges faced by schooling systems around the world, it’s critical that we can find and utilise formative assessment strategies. The best formative assessment strategies encourage students to develop their own sense of identity and purpose... Read More


6 Jun 2019 | National
Picasso Cows 每 making art and learning about nutrition News Image

Dairy Australia invites teachers to register their interest for the upcoming Term 3 intake of the curriculum-based learning program, Picasso Cows.
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6 Jun 2019 | International
Young people feel businesses don*t align with their values News Image

There is a worrying disconnect between young people and businesses; the young believe Australian businesses are slow to align with their values and are a bit out of date in their attitudes. Read More

4 Jun 2019 | National
Alex Wharton is Copyright Agency first Reading Australia Fellow News Image

Alex Wharton from Carinya Christian School in Gunnedah, NSW, is the Copyright Agency Cultural Fund’s first Reading Australia Fellow for a Teacher of English and Literacy. ใคร เล่น บา คา ร่า ได้ เงิน บ้าง

4 Jun 2019 | Victoria
A different approach to educating boys News Image

Founded by AFL footballer Alex Rance and Luke Surace, the aim of the The Academy is to challenge the education system’s 'one size fits all’ approach.
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4 Jun 2019
Music teachers get rock star moment News Image

The Song Room and ARIA have announced that entries for the third Telstra ARIA Music Teacher of the Year Award are now open.
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3 Jun 2019 | International
Parents and teens equally screen addicted News Image

Did you ever wonder why kids spend so much time on their phones? Don’t ask the parents, often they’re just as bad or worse, 38% of teens feel their parent is addicted to their mobile device. Read More

3 Jun 2019 | South Australia
Top of the class teachers, SA is hiring News Image

Ever thought about South Australia? The state has plenty to offer and if you’re a good teacher SA has just announced that it is interested in hearing from you.
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3 Jun 2019 | National
ATO*s 2019 Tax, Super + You competition, $6k pool to be won News Image

“I’d like to tell you about superannuation, so you can retire without frustration” those were the opening words of last year’s Superannuation rap which won a prize in the 2018 Tax, Super + You competition. Read More

30 May 2019 | Vic
Kindergarten for all three-year-old children in Victoria News Image

Victoria will provide all three-year-old children access to subsidised kinder which acknowledges the importance of early childhood education and helps with the cost of bringing up children. Read More

30 May 2019 | National
Young carers* futures bleak without flexible school support News Image

There’s a silent army out there doing more than their bit to help families that struggle; the hundreds of school aged kids who help out with care and support at home. Read More

30 May 2019 | National
Kids discover opera through pioneering Livestream Program News Image

Opera is and old format but is being brought to new audiences through a new one with Victorian Opera’s pioneering Access All Areas: Livestream Program.
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30 May 2019
School starts for the inaugural Vivid School News Image

The inaugural Vivid School started Monday 27 May with more than 1000 students and teachers taking part in the ground-breaking program that looks to inspire the Vivid Sydney artists and collaborators of the future. Read More